Quick Facts


  • Liquid Ceramic® was created in the early 1960's in Vancouver, BC Canada
  • Liquid Ceramic® is ASTM tested (American Society for Testing&Materials)
  • Liquid Ceramic® is documented on homes and buildings in the Canadian Pacific Northwest from 1970 to present and the southern US since mid-2000
  • Liquid Ceramic® was introduced into the United States in June of 2000
  • Liquid Ceramic International, Inc. (LCI) is headquartered in Charlotte, NC (USA)
  • Liquid Ceramic International, Inc. is the sole distributor of Liquid Ceramic® products worldwide (sold in Canada under the name "Ceramic Insulcoat.")


  • Liquid Ceramic® is 100% acrylic, water-based; cleans up with water
  • Liquid Ceramic® is 60.9%* solids vs. paint at 26-41% solids, by volume
  • Liquid Ceramic® has a Perm Rate of 20 (breathability), the "perfect rate" for exterior coatings
  • Liquid Ceramic® expands and contracts with substrate 160% Elongation with 100% full memory retention
  • Two coats, when dry, measures 10 mils thick (about the same as your phone book cover) versus two coats of paint at 3 mils thick (about the thickness of phone book paper)
  • After curing, Liquid Ceramic® has a hardness 3 times that of a hardwood floor
  • Liquid Ceramic® is non-flammable; does not support flame spread
  • Liquid Ceramic® has a VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds) level under 101 and is considered environmentally friendly ("Green Product") by the Master Painters Institutes' List of Approved Products
  • Liquid Ceramic® is Hypo-Allergenic; is mildew, moisture and dirt resistant
  • Liquid Ceramic® has 23 Performance Characteristics and nearly 30 Performance Ingredients most others have 7 11 Performance Characteristics
  • Liquid Ceramic® is produced in four bases Pastel, Medium, Deep and Accent

* Our pastel base is actually tested at 60.9% in volume solids. This amount can vary due to the natural resins used in manufacturing this unique product. Liquid Ceramic Exterior Wall Coating is also available in mediuim, deep and accent bases and each of those bases have a lesser amount of volume solids.


  • A 10' X 8' X 20' shipping container will hold about 660 pails of product.
  • One 5-gallon pail of Liquid Ceramic® weighs approximately 57 lbs.
  • One pallet 36, 5-gallon pails weighs approximately 2,100 lbs.
  • One pallet 36, 5-gallon pails = 180 gallons
  • As little as one (1) 5-gallon pail may be purchased at a time


  • Liquid Ceramic® was featured and applied to the NextGen Demonstration Home in Las Vegas, NV during the National Association of Home Builders Show in January, 2003
  • Liquid Ceramic® is recommended as a suitable exterior finish when applied to James Hardie Siding Products (Paint Manufacturers' Recommendation Sheet No. S-100) Liquid Ceramic® is architecturally specified
  • Liquid Ceramic® has been a proud sponsor of the BobVila.com EnergyWise house in Palm Springs, CA and was introduced to the U. S. by Mr. Vila on the CBS Early Show in November, 2002.
  • Liquid Ceramic® is manufacturered by a company whose products are listed on the Master Painters Institute (MPI) list of approved products (www.paintinfo.com) The U. S. Government, by executive order, has replaced U. S. Federal Paint Specifications with MPI Standards when making decisions about paint products; Liquid Ceramic® is manufactured by one of only 46 companies in the US and Canada that meet these standards
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