Before You Buy...

  • Measure your house . . . in terms of how many SQUARE FEET of outside coverage area you have. Add up your soffit length and width, your facia length and width, all sides, front, eaves, framed areas, etc. ROUND-UP to the nearest 100 square foot (e.g. 1833 goes to 1900). Then DIVIDE BY 100, that gives you the TOTAL NUMBER OF GALLONS you'll need . . . on smooth to mildly rough surfaces. Add 10% for cement block, cedar, stucco and subtract 10% for Masonite and other very smooth surfaces. If you have 2339 square feet, you'll need 24 gallons, typically, so you'll have to buy 25 gallons, or FIVE pails to complete the job.

  • Borrow a tint book from a local paint store and use it to help you determine the color you want on your house. Liquid Ceramic International has most tint books in stock, so giving us the color number will allow us to help you determine which BASE you'll need . . . very light colors use the PASTEL base, medium colors use the MEDIUM base, etc. for deep and accent bases as well. If you are not certain, contact us at 800-466-2691. (Note: If you want a beautiful white, then simply order the PASTEL base - - it's ready to be applied once shaken or stirred.)

  • If you've hired or plan to hire a painter, we welcome his/her call to us.
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